Recently Susan Raisanen was a guest on PowerTips Unscripted, co-hosted by Victoria Downing and Mark Harari. Victoria is the President of Remodelers Advantage, an organization that works with remodelers nationwide to build their businesses, and operate profitably. Mark is the Vice-President of Remodelers Advantage. They also offer a peer group mastermind, Remodelers Advantage Roundtables.

Episode 116: Getting the Biggest Bang Out of Your Marketing with Susan Raisanen
From PowerTips Unscripted: If you have more than one salesperson, then odds are you have a round robin policy of lead assignment. But that could be doing your sales team and your marketing department a disservice. Susan Raisanen joins the show today to share how tracking and assigning leads, based on sales strengths, can make a difference in performance and in your bottom line. Susan is the President of Profit Finder Pro Software and works with business owners and managers to help them understand that tracking just a few simple numbers in sales and marketing can make the difference between a company being profitable… or not.

In this episode, Victoria, Mark and Susan talk more about:
  • The difference between marketing and tracking, and how it affects tracking
  • How much efficient marketing can add to the bottom line
  • What numbers should you be tracking
  • Once you get the numbers from tracking, what you do with them
  • Whether or not you should cut your marketing during down times
  • And more…

Listen to the Episode >>

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