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“7 Numbers to Know About Your Sales & Marketing”


For too many small-business owners, they are going through the steps (even the right steps, in many instances), yet they have no idea how well their efforts are paying off. Are they getting enough profitable sales? Are they spending money on the wrong marketing and advertising channels? Will they have to lay off team members or—worse—close up shop?

No wonder business owners are stressed!

These are the questions that might be left unanswered in your business:

  1. How do I get new customers and generate more sales while keeping the customers I have?
  2. How can I reduce expenses and keep them from eating away at my profits?
  3. How can I maintain positive cash flow?
  4. How can I grow my business and make it viable for years to come?

Marketing is not a strong point of most entrepreneurs. They understand fixed costs of overhead, labor, and commissions, but marketing is not a fixed cost. If too much is spent on marketing, profits are directly affected. Truly, spending marketing money ineffectively can kill the business. Most business owners feel they have two choices when it comes to marketing: (1) hope and pray or (2) stop marketing. It’s time to take a deep breath and know that there is a solution to your marketing and lead tracking challenges!

Profit Finder Pro Software stops the bleeding and puts more money in your pocket!

What is Profit Finder Pro?

This is the customer relationship management (CRM) tool your small business has been desperate to have! Perhaps you looked at one of those one-size-fits-all options and found that it didn’t fit your business at all. How frustrating! This software system was designed with your company in mind. Profit Finder Pro:

  • Saves time.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Provides insight into where your team is thriving or wasting their time.
  • Improves revenue.
  • Has added MILLIONS of dollars back into our clients’ bottom line!

What Makes Profit Finder Pro Different?

Our system is ready to use. It was built for business owners and managers in mind and, unlike all other systems, NO ADDITIONAL programming is required to get the reporting you need. There is no other similar system that has all of these analytics included; if you want that, you’d have to pay extra. Not with Profit Finder Pro. Even better, our price point is perfect for the small business that needs the system most. You could be paying $20,000—or more!—if you go with another platform just to get set up. Our cost-effective annual subscription fits your budget, and it includes all of the training and support you need. If you are frustrated with inadequate closing ratios and high advertising costs, our system helps maximize profits and the efforts of your sales team and marketing efforts.

Who Can Use Profit Finder Pro?

Companies of all types and sizes have benefitted from implementing Profit Finder Pro Software into their sales system. Some recent customers have included Roofing Companies, Solar, General Contractors, Medical Devices, Insurance Brokers, and Marketing Agencies. If you are struggling with low closing ratios, high costs of advertising and customer care, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Your company can benefit from Profit Finder Pro.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a system that won’t work for your business, that requires hours of training, and can’t even tell you what you need to know. Our system is so simple that it’s possible to be up and running within anywhere from a couple days to an hour! Every member of your team has access to the data they need to know to be more effective. By focusing on the numbers that matter, you’ll have everything you need. Plus, our team of trainers is available to help you unlock the full power of our system and gain immediate insight into where you need to focus efforts and make changes. Schedule your demo today.

You’ve got to track it to crack it.

Track It to Crack ItThe Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Company's Full Profit Potential

A guide to sales lead and marketing tracking in business to increase profits - an explanation of the crm analytics necessary in small business. Every business owner, marketing leader, or sales executive must know that marketing is measuring, and as Peter Drucker would say, "What gets measured gets improved." Real businesses spend money on sales, marketing, advertising, and manpower to be profitable. Really great businesses track all of these things, knowing where their time and resources are best spent. If you are lucky your new business might be succeeding despite not following these laws of the business universe, but luck runs out eventually. If you don't want to rely on luck and you want to invest in what works, you must track it to crack it. Susan Raisanen, an executive with a knack for the numbers, is about to show you just that. Pay attention closely because she has a track record for magnifying profits for people. This once school teacher and principal turned entrepreneur and software executive is guaranteed to make complex things simple in this book. Even if you started tracking half your business, you might double your profits! See the numbers other business owners have followed and taken action on in order to raise their sales and marketing profits by hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in relatively short periods of time. If you are a person who likes to take notes, the paperback book is recommended instead of the Kindle version, because there are sections at the end of each chapter to answer questions and write notes for your own business.

Track It to Crack It Reviews

"Puts a lot of good thought into what should a fundamental element in any business. Nicely written, I thought a book about tracking would be boring, but it is exciting. It shows the possibilities tracking can have."

Soral K --Amazon

"Excellent book. It explains in very straight forward, easy to understand language what numbers a business owner must look at and why. It also gives very specific actionable items that you can do to make sure you are not only looking at the right numbers, but you are looking at the right numbers correctly. This is an excellent guide and a wake-up call to any business owner that is struggling with the question of how to track and predict a steady flow of profitable sales. Quick easy reading, that is well worth the time."

Rich Rose --Amazon

"I like this book and learning about Susan through her stories was great. She has been tracking business numbers since she was a little kid. I knew I needed to get a better handle on what numbers should I track in my businesses, how to track them and then how to use that information or data to improve the business. Susan does a good job of explaining all three. I also learned about Salesperson Effectiveness which was interesting. The book also walks through examples which I found helpful. She also works the business numbers forwards and backwards so you can figure out how many leads a week you would need to meet your sales goals. I would recommend the book as it s an easy read of what can sometimes be a difficult subject numbers!"

Blaine Oelkers --Amazon

"5.0 out of 5 stars I can't recommend this book highly enough I have started implementing some of the common-sense practices advocated in this book. It has increased my productivity, efficiency, and made budgeting much easier. If you run a business, I can't recommend this book highly enough."

Billy --Amazon
February 7, 2017
Format: Paperback

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TestimonialA Profit Finder Pro CRM Customer Review

“Profit Finder Pro is my own personal team of secretaries. It is a luxury, and I have definitely found this helpful in faster paths to sales.”

Sally in Medical Device Sales in Michigan

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