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Profit Finder Pro Customer Reviews

"Any business owners know these are the EXACT numbers needed to grow and run a SUCCESSFUL business. What a great product!"

Matti in Finland, Europe

"Profit Finder Pro is my own personal team of secretaries. It is a luxury, and I have definitely found this helpful in faster paths to sales."

Sally in Medical Device Sales in Michigan

"I decreased my marketing by $100,000 and increased sales by $400,000 in only 13 months just by using some of the analytics to change around where I was spending money. That's $500,000 net in 13 months."

Warren in Roofing & Window Sales in Arizona

"I’ve worked with all kinds of lead management systems, but have never found anything like this! It is so straightforward and easy to use, yet the information it gives you…um, I’m still trying to get my arms around all that!"

Kimberly in Dock Sales in Vancouver, BC

"Tracking marketing expenses in Profit Finder Pro is straightforward and provides valuable information needed in examining corporate expenses."

Gene in Bookkeeping in Arizona

"My gosh! I used to spend hours and nights getting this information together for the monthly meetings. What a sophisticated piece of software!"

Nancy in Arizona

"It’s well worth it. Susan Raisanen is a great trainer and there is plenty of opportunity for follow-up calls. The only requirement is you taking the first step."

John in Washington

"The three things I like best are having all my information in one place, being able to see my customers and production on the map, and working with Susan!"

Tony in Waterslide Restoration Sales in Missouri

"I like that this syncs my schedule with my phone calendar, and that the dashboard gives an overview of my open leads and sales versus goals."

Thom in Remodeling Sales in Arizona

"This is so easy to use, and I have my customer database with me at all times!"

Brett in Roofing Sales in Phoenix

"The search function makes it so easy to find any record in the database, and the COS (Cost of Sale) Reports are great!"

Brita, Bookkeeping in Scottsdale

"By using Profit finder Pro, I have been able to keep up on all my client visits, put important notes on it, and it syncs great with my phone calendar on its own. It's a great salesperson tool since you always have all the client information at your fingertips on your phone."

Scott S., Designer in Scottsdale

"I really appreciate that I have the ability to just speak my notes right into the CRM from my phone when I leave a customer's home."

Aaron R. in Remodeling Sales in Scottsdale

"This is a fantastic tool to be able to see and track the effectiveness of our entire sales team. This is where we are able to see where we need to adjust training, hiring and even sometimes firing. It's the numbers, and emotion doesn't get in the way."

Scott R., Sales Manager in Phoenix

"Our sales acquisition cost for a radio stations was at 36%, and we needed it to be below 10%. Through using the power of the software and assigning leads as it showed us, we brought our sales acquisition cost to 7% and increased sales by a million dollars in 8 months!"

Von in Home Improvements in Scottsdale

"One of the best things about this software is that we get Susan!"

Steve in Kitchen Remodeling, U.K.

"I love Profit Finder Pro Software because I know that I’m getting leads I can sell."

Hans, Million Dollars Sales Club in AZ

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