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With Profit Finder Pro CRM Software, what we do best is maximize your profits through effective tracking. Assign to your salespeople’s strengths and watch your Sales increase while your Marketing cost percentage decreases! Your sales team, your customers, your advertisers and your bottom line will all thank you.

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Where are you spending your money? The likelihood is that you’re spending upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on marketing and advertising—but do you know what your return is? For many of our clients, they are spending money, but they don’t know what their cost of acquisition is or how effective their spend is. That turns into ineffective marketing, lost revenue, and even a higher employee turnover! Your sales team will thrive when they know where they are most effective and can put their talents to good use.

Stop throwing noodles at the wall! Instead, turn the spotlight on what you’re doing well and focus your spend on those areas. With Profit Finder Pro Software, you can see exactly what leads are coming in, how your sales team is working them, and what is converting to sales. It’s a powerful system that puts you back in the driver’s seat.


Profit Finder Pro Software

Business tracking That works!Try Our Simple Lead, Sales & Marketing Tracking CRM System

lead tracking

Our system enables you and your team to track all incoming leads. You can see what kinds of leads are given to your sales team and track the closing rates for each individual, each lead, and each source. By getting this granular, the system highlights both strong and weak team members, which leads to improved hiring and training processes. Armed with this insight, you’ll be ready to make your team more successful, make your company more successful, and make yourself more successful in the process.

sales tracking

Integrated with lead tracking, the sales tracking component of Profit Finder Pro illustrates how much it costs each sales associate to close a sale. And, of course, you get that deep level of knowledge to see which individual sells each product or service better. Position your team to be successful and choose marketing avenues that result in a higher close rate with improved sales tracking.

track marketing

If you don’t know what marketing sources are working for your team, both as a group and for each individual, you can’t know where to invest your marketing budget. By tying leads to the closing rate, you can see how your team is doing internally as well as be armed with information to negotiate better rates on advertising.

TestimonialA Profit Finder Pro Customer Review

“Any business owner knows these are the EXACT numbers needed to grow and run a SUCCESSFUL business. What a great product!”

Matti in Finland, Europe

SpecialtiesIncrease Sales, Decrease Costs, Maximize Profits

Learn more about the 7 Numbers All Business Owners, Sales &Marketing Managers should be following. Download our FREE eBOOK today.

We teach You How Our CRM Works

We teach you how to use the lead tracking system, empowering you to engage directly with the interface. As one of our customers shared, “Profit Finder Pro Software allows me to keep a finger on the pulse of my business.


When you start using Profit Finder Pro Software, we get you set up. Then we go through your reports to identify what you’re doing that is working, what is missing, and where you can maximize your efforts to make positive changes in your marketing and advertising.


If you are spending $100,000 a year on marketing, have between $2 million and $15 million in annual revenue, and have a team of two or more sales associate, Profit Finder Pro is not a “Nice-to-have”, it’s a “Need-to-have!”

From Our presidentHow Do I Begin Tracking My Sales and Marketing?

What Do I Need to Track to Grow My Business Profitably?

Really, tracking does not have to be so complicated! However, before you begin tracking, the most important step is to understand the need to track – you need to understand fully and clearly that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. All of the ins and outs of tracking or how it is done do not need to be known quite yet. Once you know that, the second step is to take action…

PricingCRM Sales Tracking Software Pricing

We provide different levels of service, so your solution will be customized to your needs. We offer a platform for multiple users at an initial set up of $1197. We also offer a single-user option. Contact us for more information.

Track It to Crack ItThe Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Company's Full Profit Potential

A guide to sales lead and marketing tracking in business to increase profits - an explanation of the crm analytics necessary in small business. Every business owner, marketing leader, or sales executive must know that marketing is measuring, and as Peter Drucker would say, "What gets measured gets improved." Real businesses spend money on sales, marketing, advertising, and manpower to be profitable. Really great businesses track all of these things, knowing where their time and resources are best spent. If you are lucky your new business might be succeeding despite not following these laws of the business universe, but luck runs out eventually. If you don't want to rely on luck and you want to invest in what works, you must track it to crack it. Susan Raisanen, an executive with a knack for the numbers, is about to show you just that. Pay attention closely because she has a track record for magnifying profits for people. This once school teacher and principal turned entrepreneur and software executive is guaranteed to make complex things simple in this book. Even if you started tracking half your business, you might double your profits! See the numbers other business owners have followed and taken action on in order to raise their sales and marketing profits by hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in relatively short periods of time. If you are a person who likes to take notes, the paperback book is recommended instead of the Kindle version, because there are sections at the end of each chapter to answer questions and write notes for your own business.

Track It to Crack It Reviews

"Puts a lot of good thought into what should a fundamental element in any business. Nicely written, I thought a book about tracking would be boring, but it is exciting. It shows the possibilities tracking can have."

Soral K --Amazon

"Excellent book. It explains in very straight forward, easy to understand language what numbers a business owner must look at and why. It also gives very specific actionable items that you can do to make sure you are not only looking at the right numbers, but you are looking at the right numbers correctly. This is an excellent guide and a wake-up call to any business owner that is struggling with the question of how to track and predict a steady flow of profitable sales. Quick easy reading, that is well worth the time."

Rich Rose --Amazon

"I like this book and learning about Susan through her stories was great. She has been tracking business numbers since she was a little kid. I knew I needed to get a better handle on what numbers should I track in my businesses, how to track them and then how to use that information or data to improve the business. Susan does a good job of explaining all three. I also learned about Salesperson Effectiveness which was interesting. The book also walks through examples which I found helpful. She also works the business numbers forwards and backwards so you can figure out how many leads a week you would need to meet your sales goals. I would recommend the book as it s an easy read of what can sometimes be a difficult subject numbers!"

Blaine Oelkers --Amazon

"5.0 out of 5 stars I can't recommend this book highly enough I have started implementing some of the common-sense practices advocated in this book. It has increased my productivity, efficiency, and made budgeting much easier. If you run a business, I can't recommend this book highly enough."

Billy --Amazon
February 7, 2017
Format: Paperback

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