Favorite Books of 2023

The 2023 Book List from Our Customers and Friends

Favorite Books of 2022For many years Profit Finder Pro Software has gathered and put together an annual list of 100 Favorite Books. These are books that were submitted to us by our customers and friends. This year there were nearly 200 book titles submitted, so in order to keep the list at 100, we needed to just go through to pick and choose. We have not read them and so we’re not necessarily promoting them because we think they’re great reads; however, some of you think they’re good enough to share. Interestingly enough, this year there seemed to be a lot more suggestions of reading for Self-Improvement and History. Given the wide variety, there ought to be at least one good title for most people. As always, if you have a great title, please email it to susan@profitfinderpro.com at any time during the year. Enjoy!

Download the List of Favorite Books from 2023 here.

List of 100 Favorite Books 2023

Download the List of Favorite Books from 2022.



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