Profit Finder Pro Business Course

Are You Looking to Set Up Your Systems, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Profit Finder Pro provides a comprehensive course tailored for associations and individual companies seeking to strategically position their businesses for scalable profitability or sale. This 12-week online program provides comprehensive guidance to business owners, ensuring that all systems and processes are optimized for efficient and profitable operations. Additionally, the course emphasizes the identification and tracking of key metrics and indicators essential for measuring and sustaining growth.

Here’s a list of essential elements that are covered in Profit Finder Pro’s online business course:

  1. Business Plan:
    • Department: Strategic Planning
    • SOPs: Define mission, vision, and goals. Outline strategies for growth and profitability.
    • Human Resource Needs: Strategy development skills.
  2. Financial Management:
    • Department: Finance
    • SOPs: Budgeting, financial reporting, cash flow management, and financial analysis.
    • Human Resource Needs: Accountant, financial analyst.
  3. Sales and Marketing Strategy:
    • Department: Sales and Marketing
    • SOPs: Customer acquisition, retention strategies, branding, and advertising.
    • Human Resource Needs: Sales representatives, marketing specialists.
  4. Operations and Process Management:
    • Department: Operations
    • SOPs: Inventory management, production processes, quality control, and supply chain management.
    • Human Resource Needs: Operations manager, logistics coordinator.
  5. Human Resources:
    • Department: Human Resources
    • SOPs: Recruitment, onboarding, training, performance evaluation, and employee relations.
    • Human Resource Needs: HR manager, recruiter, training specialist.
  6. Technology and IT Infrastructure:
    • Department: Information Technology
    • SOPs: IT security, data management, software and hardware maintenance.
    • Human Resource Needs: IT manager, system administrator, tech support.
  7. Legal and Compliance:
    • Department: Legal
    • SOPs: Compliance with laws and regulations, contract management, risk management.
    • Human Resource Needs: Legal counsel, compliance officer.
  8. Customer Service and Support:
    • Department: Customer Service
    • SOPs: Customer interaction procedures, issue resolution, and customer feedback management.
    • Human Resource Needs: Customer service representatives, support specialists.
  9. Strategic Partnerships and Alliances:
    • Department: Business Development
    • SOPs: Identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships and alliances.
    • Human Resource Needs: Business development manager, partnership coordinator.
  10. Succession Planning:
    • Department: Executive Leadership
    • SOPs: Planning for the future leadership of the business, including identifying and developing future leaders.
    • Human Resource Needs: Executive leadership team, mentorship program.

Many course attendees are business owners in the home improvement service industry whose enterprises have been operational for several years. At this juncture, owners or key managers find themselves overburdened, juggling numerous roles and responsibilities. Recognizing the need for change, they seek to alleviate this strain by expanding their team. This course will be helpful in allowing the owner to transition from a hands-on role within the business to a more strategic focus, thereby fostering sustainable growth.

To know more about the course, contact or call 1-800-972-6952 for a 15 minute conversation to see if this is a great option for you and your company. .

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