Are You Looking for Lead Management Software for Small Business?

Lead Management Software for Small BusinessFinding a lead management software is a big chore! If you Google it, you will probably get somewhere around 28,000,000 results. Everywhere you turn, there is another perfect solution for you.

We come from a small business background ourselves, and in our search for lead management software for small business we found all kinds of very nice lead management software solutions, but there was nothing that would give us the information we needed in regards to knowing:

  • exactly how profitable our salespeople and marketing were
  • who was best at selling certain types of advertising and at what cost to us
  • how much it cost for each of our salespeople to bring in sales

What Did We Need? We were spending all kinds of money on marketing, and we had anywhere from 5-10 salespeople at any given time. Phones were ringing and sales were coming in, so we knew something was working, but we did not know exactly what and how well (meaning, at what cost to us). We needed much more than a lead management software; we needed a lead, sales and marketing management system.

We looked through all the front-runners in lead management software for small business, including cutting-edge software such as SalesForce, InfusionSoft and Act! but even so, even they were “empty hangars”, so to speak. They had a lot of really impressive features and functions, but as small business owners, we did not need all that. All we wanted were the numbers that would tell us exactly how well or poorly our salespeople, marketing and services were performing. If we had that vital information we could adjust ourĀ  The problem was: Getting that data that would require a lot of time and money to program.

Business owners, something to keep in mind when you’re looking for lead management software, are you looking for Fun Bells and Whistles, or are you looking for Something That Will Help You Run or Grow Your Business Profitably?

We wanted to focus on the numbers that would help grow our business profitably!

The software we researched were hardly more than contact management systems (a fancy word for address book), and in order to give us the data we needed, we would have had to program them quite extensively. That meant a lot of time, thought and money.

Since we couldn’t find it, we created it. When others saw it and we started getting requests for copies of our program, we decided to put it out on the cloud and offer it to others.

Those questions that used to fill our minds became much easier to answer, simply because we had the numbers to show us the way.


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According to recent surveys, the four top concerns that keep business owners awake at night include:

1. How can I get more customers (generate new sales) and keep the ones I already have?
2. How can I keep expenses from eating my profits?
3. How can I keep a positive cash flow?
4. How can I grow my business?

Are you a business owner or manager that has these same repeating questions? Really, the solution is not rocket science, and it does not have to be difficult or complicated! Look inside the system and see how simple it can be! It has worked for us in our personal small businesses, and it is working for countless others. It can work for you, too.

No extra programming is required, it’s simple and ready to go with all the important numbers you need.

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