Assign Leads to Your Salespeople’s Strengths

Have you considered how to assign leads to your salespeople so that both you and they can be successful, and your customers are served well and happy? Did you know there are ways to get real numbers to measure how well your sales rep sell to different lead sources, and at what cost to you? By assigning leads based on your salespeople’s strengths, as shown in the video below, you could make a great difference in your company’s gross revenues. Listen when you have 9 minutes; it’s well worth your time!

The video illustrates how both salespeople were profitable for the company, but on first look, it seemed that one was way above and beyond the other. That wasn’t true, because the one who did poorly with paid advertising was obviously active in soliciting unpaid or low-cost advertising, and was able to pull his overall cost of sale acquisition way down.

On the same token, the company simply will not want to continue to assign radio leads to the one who cannot close radio leads, but would be much better off taking those leads and assigning them to the high-closer for that radio station.

Why is there such a difference?

I have spoken with these salespeople, the two unnamed reps in this video. Human psychology is interesting and plays a real part in their sales from different lead sources. A large part of the sales is in their minds and personalities. Sales Rep 1, the one who has high closes to a particular radio station is an ardent fan of the radio host, and he figures that if these people are listening to the same radio station, surely they’re going to find some commonalities and build an easy relationship, and gain trust quite quickly. In his mind, he has sold the job before he already gets out there.

For Sales Rep 2, it’s the same thing with Referrals. He figures those people have already been warmed up to the company, and interested in what they have to offer because they’ve spoken with someone who has had a great experience and was anxious to pass on the good word. In his mind, Referrals are sold before he meets them for the first time.

They’re both right. So why hinder them with leads they aren’t excited about? Why assign leads to them when they don’t want them because they won’t sell them anyhow. When you find where your sales reps are good, let them be good at what they do! You’ll all benefit: the customer, the sales rep and the business. It’s a Win-Win-Win situation.

This is only one example of how you can take data from your system to work with your salespeople. But it’s a very profitable place to start tracking!

Winners Know Their Numbers!

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