You can Decide to Be Happy at WorkBe Happy at Work
This seems to be a little off the track of tracking systems, but really it is not. Your mind and your attitude have a direct impact on the results of your efforts, and it is quite easy to see when a person is on track or not by the data a tracking system gives.
Work doesn’t have to be endless drudgery. You can take positive steps to be happy at work—or at least happier. Try these:

  • Look for the meaning. Don’t think of your job as just selling shoes, writing press releases, or whatever’s in the job description. Find some meaning in it: You’re not just selling shoes, you’re helping people make good style choices that will help them feel better about themselves, for example.
  • Personalize your workspace. Decorate your cubicle, locker, or wherever you spend most of your time. A few photos and knickknacks will make your workspace a more comfortable place to spend time in.
  • Smile more often. The act of smiling can put you in a better mood even if you’re feeling blah. It’ll make a positive impression on your co-workers as well, increasing the overall amount of cheer in your workplace.
  • Focus on the future. Set some long-term goals for your career. Thinking about them and working to achieve them will keep your mind off the day-to-day tedium of your duties.

• Eat a healthy diet. You’ll have more energy if you’re careful about what you eat. Choose fruits and vegetables for meals and snacks instead of fast food or candy bars. In the long run, you’ll feel better physically, which will translate into a better mental attitude.
Somehow it all works out that if you’re happy, the results of your work show it. The most important thing to remember is that happiness is a choice.

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