Amazon Best Seller BookWe are delighted to say that Track It To Crack It has become a bestseller on Amazon! In order to become a bestseller, Amazon must sell a certain number of books within a short time. As an author and entrepreneur trying to get our message out there, this is very encouraging! Jeff Bezos has set up the Amazon system to work and rank the way it does on purpose, and this is definitely a benefit to budding authors.

The fact that Track It To Crack It went to Number One in a few categories in only a few days tells us a few things:

1. People are listening to what we say and do on Social Media.

2. People are interested in our subject enough to download Kindle books.

3. Advertising a Kindle book for Free on Amazon for only a few days definitely increases the number of initial downloads, and thus the Amazon rankings!

4. Becoming an author is really fun but it’s even more fun when people read what you write. If you set it up right, it’s not that difficult to get your title “out there” and get readers.

In an article on Book Promotion Hub, they say that becoming a bestseller is due to 4 factors, including buying a bunch of copies yourself. We did not buy or download any copies other than one for ourselves; however, we believe that the biggest reason we went to bestseller is because we aligned ourselves with others who promoted the Kindle books to their lists, we offered the book to leaders of different organizations that have huge memberships and they asked if they could share with their members, and we had some great Social Media sharing.

For any of you who are interested in becoming an author, and are looking to sell through Amazon, I am sharing an excellent article on Book Promotion Hub that explains more about Amazon and how it works: How Many Books Do You Need to Become a Bestseller?

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