The Dignity, Morality, and Overall Goodness of Being in Business

Ethics in BusinessRecently I attended Christy Wright’s Women’s Business Boutique seminar put on by the Dave Ramsey organization. One of the guest speakers at the event, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, gave a fascinating talk with the title mentioned above, “The Dignity, Morality, and Overall Goodness of Being in Business.”

Why is the American Businessman Always the Villain in the Movies?

Ask yourself? When American business owners provide service and a livelihood for so many millions of people, why are they always the villain? When they are providing a way for people to stay off government care, what is the shame in that? Why is there the thought that people who are making money instead of being on government care are reprehensible? If you are watching and listening to this kind of message, it’s not helping you. It is an undeniable truth that everything that enters your soul through your eyes or your ears leaves an indelible mark. What kind of mark do you want?

If you want to succeed in business with dignity, morality and overall goodness, you have to dump this kind of thinking.

We make money, not take money. Unlike the thought that if money leaves someone’s hands, someone is being ripped off, we believe that money is evidence that you pleased another human being, and PROFITS are a certificate of having served others very well.

According to the Rabbi, there are a couple of key points for business in serving others. Connect and Collaborate. Increase the number of people you know (daily), and then deploy the power of partnerships. He said something to the effect that your wealth is in direct proportion to your connections.

Are you out there meeting new friends and acquaintances? Are you a happy person, and one whose “being” invites people to come closer to you? Are you optimistic so people want to stay around you? Are you thankful? Do you show gratitude?

Remember, money never produces relationships, but relationships produce money.

One final thought here…How many of you (myself included) have said that you want to “Give back” to someone or something? Did you realize that insinuates that you took something that was not yours? How about if you just “Give” to society?

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