How Do You Set Appointments?

(See Video below) Are you one of those service-oriented companies that has your phone number in your advertising that asks for people to call your office to set an appointment for one of your people to go out to their home or business to give an estimate or sell a product or service? If so, you are interested in reading this.

When people call in to your office (whether it’s brick and mortar or some remote location), how do you do you get their customer information, set the appointment and assign it to your sales rep? Hopefully it’s not on a note pad, a piece of scrap paper, a paper lead sheet, Outlook or somewhere that is not a central location for you to be able to see all your leads and what’s happening with them throughout the cycle. If you are not gathering that information in a central location, you are losing money. Plain and simple.

The first part of lead tracking begins with getting the information in the very beginning. Whether or not that lead turns into a sale at this very moment is immaterial. Obviously, we’re in business to make it turn to a sale, but systems need to start at the very beginning, not at the point of sale. Why? First of all, it’s pretty obvious that leads written on paper tend to go slip into the great Unknown, just like in this picture here. Your scenario may be very similar, except in your car or truck, at home, in your bulging briefcase, or somewhere lost on your computer documents. Once your desk starts piling high, it’s quite difficult to keep track of everything and remember everyone who has called or that you have spoken with. Appointments get missed or forgotten, promises of follow-up get lost in the shuffle.

Lost Leads?

Why wouldn’t a person just use a systematic way of entering the information once and then using that record throughout the lifetime of that customer? Probably the most common answer is that people are afraid of technology. The word software is scary because it sounds time-consuming, expensive and confusing. In many cases it is time-consuming, expensive and confusing. But nowadays, that is not always the case! In fact, we are seeing more and more simple CRMs and lead, sales & marketing tracking software systems that make life a whole lot easier and profitable! Take a look here at Profit Pro CRM. This is a demo of how a real call can and does go:

See? It doesn’t take much time, it’s easy and the best part is…IT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY!

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