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Do You Follow Up On Past Sales?

Following up on past sales can be the most profitable minutes you spend.

Following up on past sales can be the most profitable minutes you spend.

If you do this, you will eventually start to see results. I promise!
Last week a sales rep from a remodeling company was telling how he was making phone calls to previous customers from a year ago. His calendar is set up so that on any given day he will see a customer or two whose jobs were completed exactly one or two years ago on that day.
On this particular day, there was the name of a certain customer whose job had turned out beautifully, but the customer was tired and kind of disgruntled and happy to see them done and out of their home by the time the guest house was built and completed. In fact, they were so tired of having them around that they did not even welcome them to come take pictures of the finished project.
This sales rep was a little nervous about making the call, but still, he had really liked these customers and for the most part, they had a really nice relationship during the job.

If You Served Them Well, Your Previous Customers are Happy to Hear From You.

When he called and the customer picked up the phone, they started talking. The homeowner was glad to hear from him, and he said they absolutely love the guest house this company had built for them. He also said, “Time heals all wounds”, and then said, “Hey, you had wanted to come out and take pictures. Why don’t you come out. We’d love to have you feature this.”
Isn’t that great? Had he not picked up the phone, that situation would’ve sat in his mind like a rotten apple. The way it turned out, he was able to go out there and visit and rekindle their relationship. Upon leaving the couple said that despite the rocky ending, they have only said good things about this sales rep and the company. They also sent their best regards back to all the people in the office.
This was a huge boost to the sales rep. He had always felt bad at the way that job had ended, but then he wasn’t content to leave it at that. He needed to reach out to them. And he did. Just think how the customer felt. Do you think they told anyone about that phone call?

By Keeping In Touch You Show Them You Really Care.

I tell this story because it illustrates the power of showing your customers you remember them and you care about the service you provide for them, especially and even when things have not always gone smoothly.
If these people who were somewhat disgruntled upon job completion gave this sort of happy welcoming, think of the reception of all those whose jobs went really well!
Are you following up with your previous customers? See more.
Do you have an easy way to mark the records so that these kinds of calls show up on your To-Do List each day?
You will only grow as big as the people with whom you have formed relationships.
How are you cultivating those relationships?
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