Your Head or a CRM?

A brain is not a CRM!

I hate to break it to you, but although your memory may be good, it’s not that good!

Here’s a great blog post that encourages salespeople and business owners to use their CRMs instead of their heads. Most people have great memories, but the only problem is that they are real short. Use your CRM as a tool to keep the information that will remind you of important things going on with your leads and sales. Use it to remind you of conversations you had with your prospects and customers. Use it to keep on top of what matters most with your projects, making and keeping the sale and customer.

Here’s what Mark, The Sales Hunter has to say about using a CRM:  Stop Using Your Brain as Your CRM.

For those who wonder, it is not the motivated salesperson that does not use a way to track all his calls; in most cases, it’s the lazy one!

VIDEO:  When do you keep a salesperson? When do you let a salesperson go?

P.S. If you are depending on your head to track your leads, you are losing money!

Winners Know Their Numbers.

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