Profit Finder Pro’s Susan Raisanen was a guest on Jerry Levinson’s radio show, Profit NOW at Doublewide Network in Scottsdale, AZ.

Jerry Levinson, Profit Now

What a fun morning today when I was able to visit with Jerry Levinson, former owner of Blind Devotion, a window covering business. Jerry has recently sold his business and is now having a lot of fun with this radio show as well as mentoring and coaching other business owners, especially in the window covering business. Jerry and I spent the time talking about tracking in business, and the the need for a business owner of a healthy and profitable business to keep a finger on the pulse of business in all aspects, including their sales and marketing.


We also had a chance to compare a few of the benefits of using an easy CRM such as Profit Pro CRM. The software was created for small business people by small business people. As we spoke of, a tracking system does not have to be complicated in order to be effective. At the same time, there are certain numbers that should be paid close attention.

The 40 Minutes goes rather quickly, and even more quickly when you’re on the microphone end! Thanks, Jerry. That was fun.

Enjoy the show!

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