What difference can a lead tracking system make for your company?

A lead tracking system can make a huge difference in the profitability of your company, as long as:

  • it includes the data and metrics you need
  • you take action based on that data

It’s just like anything else, junk in, junk out. Nothing in, nothing out. Good stuff in, good stuff out!
For this little company, it meant using their lead tracking system (a lead, sales and marketing tracking software) to increase billable sales by a million dollars in only eight months. That is pretty substantial. The funny thing is, they had been tracking leads, sales and marketing for some time, and just let the data sit there and stare them in the face. Once they actually put it to use, they saw a substantial increase in revenues.
One important thing to notice is that the sales people were NOT in favor of doing what the management/ownership wanted. There was resistance from the sales people, in fact very strong resistance! However, since the best interests of the company were kept as the driving force behind the decision, the owner did what he genuinely felt to be best for the business, and the sales people were either on board or they could go elsewhere. 
The business followed the “advice” of the lead tracking system, and sales people were placed in leads where they sold strong. If they were not closing on certain types of leads but wanted more of those leads, they were required to perform to expectations to earn those leads…and they performed.
Everyone won, the business, the sales people and the customer!
Not only did the lead tracking system help the business increase sales, decrease the cost of advertising, but it also helped the sales people grow where they did not even realize they were strong, and they came out on top, too!
Having a lead tracking system that will allow you, the sales representative, the sales manager or the business owner to take the data and use it to your benefit can make all the difference in your business – if it provides the data you need and you take action based on that data.
The video below is rather long, but the company who tried this would probably say the ten minutes is worth a million dollar increase in only eight months. The thing is, it is such a simple solution, yet so many small to medium-sized businesses wrestle with this same issue!

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