Another Lead Tracking System? Why? Because it has the numbers necessary to grow a business profitably, right out of the box!

(By The Numbers has been renamed Profit Pro CRM.)

(Video Text) Hi, I’m Warren and I’m the original developer of By The Numbers. The reason that I had developed By The Numbers is because originally we were using Excel spreadsheets to track our sales, our advertising costs, our costs per lead, and everything to do with marketing and sales.
That required a part-time person at a cost of about 12 thousand dollars a year, and that got us reports that were a month old, outdated, and bad data by the time we got them!  It was extremely frustrating to put out an advertising campaign and not be able to have numbers QUICKLY, real numbers to be able to base anything on.
It was also extremely frustrating to not have real good data as far as how the individual sales reps were doing.
So I searched and searched high and low for some software that would be able to give all these reports, because that would not require that part-time person at $12,000 a year because the receptionists already were entering all the data into a customer database, which you need to do anyway.
So I searched high and low… and the only things that I found were some different CRM programs that were basically empty shells, they were basically empty databases that required custom building for all the reports that you would need, which was very, very expensive and very difficult to get accomplished.
So after looking to no avail to try to find the different special software, I finally said, ‘I’m going to get it built,’ and I did.
I had it programmed to give the reports that I need.  Now every day from that time forward, at a click of a button, I can see how many leads came in that day, which lead source they came from,  and who those leads were assigned to.
The monthly reports show very clearly what the cost is for instance on advertising per lead per lead source  (per advertising source), what the closing ratios were per those advertising sources both company wide and individually, and also the gross cost, percentage cost of that advertising campaign versus the gross amount dollars of work that it generated.
Since having this information, I really can’t imagine trying to get through these times without this information. It enables me in running my company to be very agile in making decisions on what advertising dollars should be spent…or not, which salespeople are doing their jobs…or not, to make decisions to either change the advertising messages or change the advertising outlet, the vendor, the type that you’re using and that type of thing, and whether to keep going with the sales force that you have or to change it up.
And another just a simple thing that it does is  shows so clearly which salespeople are stronger with which types of leads and which types of lead sources they’re very weak with. Just changing that up helps a lot to mine through these times to increase the closing ratios, the sales per lead source and the bottom line.
Again, during these challenging times, if your company has been challenged trying to get through these times, this is a tool that absolutely can help you get through these times and maybe even thrive!

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