Measuring Sales Performance

Measuring Sales Performance

When it comes to measuring sales performance and sales performance reviews, do you have a way to show exactly which salespeople are effective and which are not? In other words, which ones are profitable and which are not?

Measuring sales performance has been one area of business that has often been difficult for business owners because it takes a lot of time and effort to pull all the metrics together.  We simply run out of enough hours in a day to pull all the data together that we should have.

If you have sales reps and are providing leads for them, you absolutely cannot afford to NOT know how they are performing.

Let me just tell you briefly that we had a company that was tracking their sales and marketing for some time, and even though they had the data on hand, they did not use it as the tracking system dictated. When things started to get a little rough for the business, they finally gave in, changed their old ways and embraced new. By simply following the system and making ONE SMALL CHANGE, their billable sales were a million dollars higher in the first eight months of this year compared to the first eight months of last year.
You really owe it to yourself and your salespeople to have your systems in place so that you can all be successful!
The step they took was totally due to lead assignment based on measuring sales performance. Read what they did!
Measuring Sales Performance Case Study

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