Measuring Sales Performance

Measuring Sales Performance

Consider your business. Do you have these numbers?


Tip 2 of 7 – Closing ratio overall in comparison to industry averages, company standards, goals.

What is an acceptable closing ratio to expect from your salespeople? One way to get an idea is to find out what the industry standards are. Then look at the other salespeople within your own company. What are your own expectations, and how realistic are they?
It is good to consider industry standards. For one thing, it could tell you that you are pricing competitively if your people are right along the same line. On the other hand, if your closing ratio is too high, it can indicate that you are leaving money on the table, and it might be time to increase your prices.
There is a lot of information that can be taken in from knowing the other standards, but the main thing is, start tracking it so that you can see where you are as a company and as individuals.
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Measuring Sales Performance Tip 1: Individual Salesperson Closing Ratio and Volume Per Advertising Source
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 2: Closing Ratio Overall in Comparison to Industry Averages, Company Standards, Goals.

Measuring Sales Performance Tip 3: Cost of Leads Sold per Individual Salesperson
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 4: Contract Size in Comparison with Company Averages.
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 5: Gross Profits on Dollars Sold Including the Cost of the Lead.
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 6: Numbers and Volume of Sales for Self-Generated, Previous Customers, or Referral Business (Unpaid Advertising).
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 7: Individual Salesperson Strengths/Weaknesses in Company Product Line

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