Measuring Sales Performance

Measuring Sales Performance

Consider your business. Do you have these numbers?


Tip 3 of 7 – Cost of leads sold per individual salesperson.

How much are you spending on leads you give each salesperson? What is the percentage of sales in comparison to that? If you have a marketing budget, it is good to show your salespeople the expectations of your company and where they stand at any given time in relation to that. Are they selling enough of the high-cost leads to warrant getting more of those leads? Do they need to bring down the cost by getting more sales by low-cost or no-cost marketing?Do they need to be assigned lower cost leads? Once you start measuring sales performance based on the numbers, you become more believable because people respect what you inspect.

It is helpful if your salespeople understand that leads are “earned” according to performance, and that performance is measured strictly by the numbers. It’s not a gut feeling, it’s not a guess; it’s real numbers.
Once you start tracking this, you will see that some people sell at a much lower cost to you than others. There are ways you can adjust your lead assignment to increase revenues by keeping an eye on this. If you’re in business to make money, it pays to watch this.
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Measuring Sales Performance Tip 1: Individual Salesperson Closing Ratio and Volume Per Advertising Source
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 2: Closing Ratio Overall in Comparison to Industry Averages, Company Standards, Goals.

Measuring Sales Performance Tip 3: Cost of Leads Sold per Individual Salesperson
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 4: Contract Size in Comparison with Company Averages.
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 5: Gross Profits on Dollars Sold Including the Cost of the Lead.
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 6: Numbers and Volume of Sales for Self-Generated, Previous Customers, or Referral Business (Unpaid Advertising).
Measuring Sales Performance Tip 7: Individual Salesperson Strengths/Weaknesses in Company Product Line

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