Like most companies, you have unsold and dead leads in your Sales and Lead Tracking Software system. Are they really Dead Leads?

What do you do with them?

Dead Lead List

Does Your Lead Management System Allow You To Work Old Leads?

If the answer is “nothing”, you are losing money.

Think about it for a moment! There was a reason those people contacted you in the first place. They had either a want or a need, and reached out to you. Just because they did not buy, does that mean the want or need went away? Probably not…unless they hired someone else to do the work or service. The truth of the matter is, many of them did not buy from anyone. That means they still have that same want or need.

Imagine a home improvement company that offers something such as kitchen or bath remodels or roofing. When a prospect has called for an estimate, chances are he/she had no idea what the cost might be. Perhaps they thought it would cost $5000 to remodel their bathroom, when in reality the estimate was closer to $25,000. At that time they may not have had $25,000 in ready cash, and so they did nothing. If there was a real need to do something (their shower was leaking) perhaps they put in a temporary fix, but in the back of their minds they were going to skimp by until they saved enough to do the original project they had hoped to do.

These leads may only be “sleeping” or temporarily dead, depending on what happened. It would benefit you to contact those very same homeowners or prospects some time down the road to see if they ever did have that project or service completed. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many did not do anything at the time, but are now ready to go forward.

It will be very easy to go back to follow up on those old, dead leads if your lead management systems are in place. Use your database to generate more revenues, even if the leads are supposedly dead!

WINNERS KNOW THEIR NUMBERS…and follow up on old leads, too!

P.S. In home improvements, most people buy within 18 months of the first appointment. Rehashing dead leads or unsold old leads pays!

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