Sales Tracking Software – What Difference Could It Make For Your Small Business?

A Good Sales Tracking Software Must Provide Key Profitability Factors

A Good Sales Tracking Software Must Provide Key Profitability Factors!

I had an interesting conversation about CRM software this morning. A coach was telling me about a certain small business owner who recently invested around $20,000 in a sales tracking software for his business. (GASP! A small business owner does NOT have to put an initial investment of anywhere near $20,000 into a good sales tracking software if he does his homework ahead of time!)

Within Six Months, The Entire Direction of the Company Changed Because of Adding a Sales Tracking Software.

Even more important, though, is that within six months time, the direction of this small business had completely changed for the better just because he allowed his sales reps the privilege of using a sales and lead tracking system that kept their leads and sales statistics available to them.

Why? Because of the numbers that stand right in front of their people at any given time. Numbers don’t lie, and they give clear accountability. It is a proven fact that tracking will increase revenues, and that is why our mantra here at Profit Finder Pro Software is Winners Know Their Numbers.

Another small business that I was talking with spends a lot of money on radio advertising. At one time they were a little over 34% for sales acquisition cost from that radio station. Once they started using the power of tracking and numbers, and making that data available to their sales reps to see and use as a motivating tool, they were able to adjust lead assignment and training, and now they are at an 8.3% cost of sale acquisition.

Sales Reps Earned Leads Based on Performance! As a Result, Sales Increased.

Those sales reps knew that in order for them to receive leads from that radio station, they had to maintain their cost of getting a sale down below 10%. That meant if they were getting $5000 in leads from that radio station, they were expected to sell at least $50,000, and so it sparked accountability and competition among them to get the cost down. When a company is spending over $100,000 for advertising on a certain radio, that’s a lot of money, and it only helps the business and the salespeople if the leads can be assigned to someone who will sell them at a cost the company can afford.

When we are held accountable in whatever position in life we may be, we are more certain to perform to expectations and goals.

People are Funny Creatures. We Perform to Clear Expectations!

As business owners, why don’t you let your salespeople be accountable for their own activities? They are in sales because they enjoy having their own “business” within a business. Their success means your success. Why not provide a system that lays out the profitability factors as they pertain to the individual? Then, when you have clear expectations and desired outcomes, there is nothing more than to let your sales reps use their freedom to achieve those goals. All you need to do is follow the data and adjust accordingly. Business becomes much more organized, much easier, and much more profitable.

When you are investigating what type of sales tracking software to use in your company, make sure it includes these Key Profitability Factors – CLICK HERE.

P.S. Have you ever considered the fact that if you do not provide a sales tracking software for your sales reps, the successful sales rep will provide his or her own? Do you really want all of your prospect and customer lead and sale information leaving your doors when the rep moves along?

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