July 9, 2012

Local Scottsdale Airpark Contractor couldn't find a CRM to fit his needs, so he designed one himself! By The Numbers is very happy to say we have been featured in the Scottsdale Airpark news in its latest edition! Not only did he mention By The Numbers, but also a home improvement and remodeling company TraVek, home improvement and roofing company Trades Unlimited, and medical device company Noraxon USA. Nice article, and we feel very honored to have it published. Thank you, David M. Brown for a nice article.

Scottsdale Software Company Featured in Airpark News!

(Click on the Magazine to Read Article!)

For more interesting articles on exciting things that are happening around the Scottsdale area, click here for a full view of the newest Airpark News magazine!

If you know of another article to be featured in the Scottsdale Airpark News and would like an editor to do a write-up, David M. Brown is fantastic! You can contact him through his website here.

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