A Simple Way to Increase Sales!

It Could Have Been So Easy…

Are you looking to increase your personal sales? Company sales? Here’s an easy tip that is so obvious and easy to put into action, yet so many fail to do it!

Depending on the ticket price of whatever you’re selling there are always a certain percentage that will buy now and a certain percentage that will buy later. For the sake of this example, let’s use the home improvement industry with an average ticket price of $25,000.

In today’s day and age, it is a fact that approximately 30% of your leads will buy now. Did you know that within 18 months, 60% of those who did not buy will buy within 18 months? That means if you had 100 leads, 30 will close right away. 60% of the remaining 70 leads is 42, so 42 will buy within 18 months.

It is also a fact that most sales reps follow up on old leads maybe a time or two, and then never again. In fact, it is typical for them to make a call, leave a message and then wait for a call back, and often the call back never comes. How about you? Are you rehashing your leads? Are your salespeople rehashing their leads?

What does this translate into for numbers? Again, if we take just 100 leads as an example, 42 more sales x $25,000 is $1,050,000 over the course of 18 months. If your sales reps are not following up on them systematically, that means $1,050,000 in Missed Sales.

Just think of what $1,050,000 could do for your sales reps. How about if you have more than one sales rep? What does that mean for missed sales for your company? Ouch! That really hurts if your salespeople are not following up and rehashing old leads again later!

Why does this happen? Probably the most common response is that they don’t remember to follow up because they don’t have a good system in place.

Just think…those were warm leads. And it could have been so easy…

As a business owner, you cannot allow this to happen! Sure, the super duper motivated salesperson will probably find their own lead tracking system, but for the salesperson who could be good and needs a little boost, why not do a simple thing like provide a lead tracking or lead management system? It does not have to be complicated, yet its benefit can make the difference between your business merely surviving or thriving!

Your database is full of gold! Having a lead tracking system and a way for your people to use it properly benefits all sides: the customers who want your product or service, your sales reps, and your business. It’s a WIN for everyone!

Winners Know Their Numbers!

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