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Hot off the presses, re: Profit Pro CRM!

Scottsdale, Arizona ( December 5, 2013 – Brothers Warren and Randy Raisanen found a way to easily document how sales and marketing efforts impacted the bottom line of businesses they were running. Their breakthrough became Profit Pro CRM, a new small business crm software product that is easy to implement and use, and focuses sales and marketing on the right actions to grow profitably.

“Our sales meetings used to be dominated by salespeople weaving stories with a litany of excuses and finger pointing”, said Randy Raisanen, co-founder of Profit Finder Pro Software. “It was frustrating! So we developed software to track the data we needed to effectively run the business. Other businesses that have tried it, love it. They love it so much in fact, that now for at least a limited time we can guarantee success!”

Profit Pro CRM is the first Customer Relationship Management software designed from end-to-end to help business owners and executives accelerate sales and profitable growth. It’s cloud-based and comes with a series of valuable built-in reports – such as lead cost analysis, sales cost analysis and closing ratio reporting – that highlight progress and key issues. Profit Pro CRM does not require business leaders to change their processes, and it helps enhance what’s in place.

“Data is king,” said Susan Raisanen, sister of Warren and Randy, President of Profit Finder Pro Software and lead implementer for Profit Pro CRM. “There must have been something in the water when we were growing up for all of us to be so focused on results and management by data. When you know what is working and what’s not, the storytelling disappears and discussions are centered on what works to create growth, profit and success. Owners want results, not features in their software that go unused because they are too complicated or esoteric.”

Profit Pro CRM generates reports that align sales and marketing on the essential business goals. One recent example is a customer who implemented within days and then quickly grew his business from $2.5 million per year to $12.5 million. Tracking what was important made all the difference.

Today’s launch of Profit Pro CRM is the culmination of years of development efforts with hundreds of users. This new version contains additional benefits including integration to Quickbooks and fast software set up: in hours, not days or months like other CRM’s.

“Motivated salespeople love Profit Pro CRM because the reports help them see what’s working and not working, getting them on a faster path to the best sales,” said Susan Raisanen. “Owners love it because having the right data creates transparency and focuses everyone on success. For a limited time we’ll also guarantee that executives will see their Cost of Sales Acquisition decrease within 90 days*, or we will give them the option to suspend the subscription AND get their money back! No risk – join our group of growing clients today!”

Profit Pro CRM / Profit Finder Pro Software

Profit Pro CRM helps businesses grow faster and more effectively by creating better visibility of key data that helps align efforts by sales, marketing, and management on lead creation, lead generation, and profitable sales. Profit Finder Pro Software, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is dedicated to Showing You the Money and providing productivity tools for business owners and teams. Visit and contact Profit Finder Pro Software at (800) 972-6952. We look forward to your call.

Contact: Susan Raisanen

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