Step Into Your Vision 2.0

Look what came in the mail today!  A box of books, but not just any old books!

Step into your Vision 2.0

Step into Your Vision 2.0

The exciting news of the day is that Susan Raisanen, President of Profit Finder Pro Software, has been published  again! STEP into your VISION 2.o is a collection of inspirational stories combined with practical strategies that can empower you to live the life you desire. Some of the other authors whose names you may recognize include Les Brown, Eric Lofholm, and John Assarof.

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Susan’s contribution to the chapter is especially geared toward business owners that have a goal of growing their businesses profitably. In it, she takes years of various business owners’ experiences and shares the deliberate steps they took in regards to tracking their sales and marketing, and then how they used that data to make the important sales and marketing decisions that can often be real difficult to make without the proper information. 

It is is proven fact that Winners Know Their Numbers, and the case studies she uses is enough to invigorate almost any business owner!

STEP into your VISION 2.0

STEP into your VISION 2.0  is available in Kindle format through Amazon. Click on the image above.



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