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If You Don’t Take Care of Your Customers, Your Competition Will

Take care of your customersAre you looking for a simple way to increase sales from your existing leads, even dead leads? In most industries, is a fact that some people will buy now and many will buy later.
When you have higher ticket items, using the home improvement industry as an example, approximately 30% will buy now, and 60% of the remainder will buy within 18 months. That means if you have 100 leads, 42 of the 70 who did not buy immediately will buy within a year and a half from now.

30% will Buy Now, Even More Will Buy Within 18 Months.

What is your average contract size? For a home improvement company with an average sale of $60,000, that means approximately $2.5 million dollars. Would it be meaningful to keep in touch with customers who could possibly provide the company with another $2.5 million dollars in sales? Even if your average revenues are on a much smaller scale, those are still prospective customers that would more than likely be worth following up on.

Who Is Taking Care Of Your Prospective Customers?

How are you nurturing those leads to a sale? Are you working on the relationship with your prospective customer? People buy from people they know, like and trust.
How do you keep in contact with your prospective customers over the next 18 months or during the period of your typical buying cycle? Do you have a simple way for your salespeople to remember to follow up with them, or do they just become dead, forgotten leads and (gasp) lost sales?

Are You Losing Sales Because You Do Not Take Care of Your Customers?

There’s money in your database. It is highly recommended that you make it available and easy for your salespeople to access and keep in touch with their prospects. You will want to make sure the system is set up for follow up throughout the buying cycle.


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