Sales TrackingWhy Do Some Salespeople NOT Track?

There are some salespeople who do not track, and have no interest in tracking. It is possible that tracking has been held over them as more of a threat than an aid to increased sales. 

We Respect What We Inspect

It is pretty much an accepted fact that we respect what we inspect. The same holds true in our daily business life. Winners know their goal posts, they know where they are good, and they find out what needs improvement and work on those points to turn them around.

Let me tell you a quick story. In our business we track. We’ve been tracking for years and years, and our sales reps have access to see the same numbers the managers follow. A couple years ago we had a real discrepancy between our top & bottom seller for a certain type of lead. The top seller for that source was not as high as we needed, and the bottom was miserably low. We brought this to the sales meeting, and as a result of a conversation, gave a specific time frame of two months for them both to bring their numbers to a certain point. Long story short, as a result of doing the adjusting we needed to do after two months, between those two sellers we increased sales for that type of lead by over a million dollars more than the previous 8 months, and each of those reps increased their own sales dramatically because they were allowed to shine where they were good.

Do you think we had some happy sales reps? Of course we did. Who benefited? We all did. Closing ratios increased, so more customers were getting what they wanted; sales reps increased their personal sales so their pay increased, and the company increased their gross sales.

Use Tracking As a Tool, Not a Weapon

My hint to you as a business owner or sales manager is to use tracking as a tool, not a weapon. Once your salespeople start to experience success based on what their numbers are telling them/you, they will have a whole new appreciation for tracking.

Yes, there are those times when tracking will suggest that it’s time to let a salesperson go to find another place to shine. Even though that can be very unpleasant, that’s all part of business, too, and it’s a whole lot easier when you have the numbers to show the way.

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Winners Know Their Numbers!

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