Using a lead management CRM system will increase revenues.

Lead Management System

Profits Begin With Lead Management

That sentence is the most important part of this whole article. If you go no farther, you have read the most important line.

Do you balance your checkbook? Do you keep score on the golf course? Do you count the beat when playing the piano? Do you pay attention to the numbers on the scale?

If you answered “no” to the checkbook question, you probably have less money than you should have. If you don’t keep score on the golf course, you’re probably not a very good golfer, or not one who is improving in score, anyhow. If you’ve never counted the beats in music, you’re probably not a real accomplished musician. If you do not pay attention to the numbers on the scale, chances are you are overweight.

Those are some pretty big assumptions, right? Is there truth to any of them?

Consider professional athletes. They know every score, every foul, every penalty, and pretty much every move that was every made on the playing field. In fact, the public at large knows as well.

A musician learns to count and goes over and over even just one measure until the “numbers” count out right. A golfer keeps track of every hit and type of hit and what club was used and where the ball landed. He takes that information back to the driving range to practice and practice in order to improve.

What about a business owners? Same thing! Look at all the successful business owners. They know their numbers! They are tracking their leads, their prospects, their marketing dollars, the cost of delivering a product or service, their overhead, their profits…and they are keeping a strong eye on anything that has potential to dip into their profits.

How about you? Do you have a lead management system in place that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of every aspect of your business and allow you to make decisions based on that information?

It’s verifiable that tracking will increase revenues. As George O’Diorne said, “Winners know their numbers!” Are you a winner?

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