Is there really a best way to generate leads?

Yes! Usually the phones do not ring unless there is intentional thought put into getting it to ring. Eventually it may ring on a more regular basis, but the groundwork has to be set to get to that point.

Have you ever read the book, Three Feet from Gold? That gold was within reach of that man, but he couldn’t see it. For most companies, that same gold is within reach… the best lead generator lies within its database! Yes, previous customers and referrals!

What percentage of your sales come from previous customers and referrals?  

There are things you can do to utilize the information in your database. For one thing, do you have a legitimate maintenance program that you can put into place so that several months or years after a sale, you can go back to these people and say that your records show it is time for maintenance? 

Do you offer more than one type of product or service? If so, did you get into conversation with your customers to see when they might need the next service you offer? Did you mark it in your database?

How about your referral program? Are you asking your customers for referrals? That is the best compliment a customer can give you, so after you have provided a great service to them, it is a natural they might know someone else who needs the same thing. Go ahead and ask! 

Many of my customers get 70-80% of their annual revenues from previous customers or referrals. Once you have gone through the hard work of acquiring a customer once, why not you take it upon yourself to follow up with them in time to offer another service? 

Most people who do not utilize previous customers and referrals probably don’t do so because they don’t have systems in place. It does not have to be complicated! There are easy solutions, and when we see that your company can have sales of 70-80% from or through previous customers, just do the math and think what you might be missing! It is time to get your systems in place. 

Now go on and build your business!


Susan Raisanen


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