Who is answering your phone?Who Is Answering Your Phones?

For most of us, the first personal contact someone has with our business is via telephone. First impressions speak volumes. Put yourself in the caller’s shoes. When you make a call to a business to ask for their services, you typically call when you have a moment to talk and you have your calendar handy so that you can set an appointment. How do you feel if no one answers the phone? Do you leave a message, or do you set down the phone and go the next number on the list?

Your customers are no different. Who is answering your phones? It has been proven that most individuals will not leave a message if they call a business and get the answering machine, so really now two things have happened: you lost a potential customer, and you wasted money on marketing. In addition to that, you also have a prospective customer who possibly has a negative impression of your company because they called at a time when they needed help and you were not available. Who knows, perhaps they’ll even complain to their neighbors.

In this day and age, simply by having someone who speaks English answering your phones, speaks with confidence and happiness in their voice, and is able to either set an appointment (preferably) or take a message and assure the caller that the proper person will call back immediately starts that customer relationship off on the right foot. That alone may put your company ahead of your competition.

Remember, sales happen when the buyer is ready to buy. The buyer is usually ready when they pick up the phone and call. You have to get them while they’re hot!

Hints for Answering the Phone

1.  Smile and then pick up by the 2nd or 3rd ring. Your smile can be heard in your voice.
2.  Always properly greet the person with a “Hello” or “Good morning” and identify yourself or the company.
3.  If the caller does not identify himself, ask “May I ask who is calling?”
4.  Keep it professional. Do not go into personal conversations unless you really know the person.
5.  Listen carefully. Put down other distractions & focus on the call.
5.  If you can help them by setting an appointment with one of the representatives, do so.  
6.  If they need to speak with a particular person who is not there, get their name, phone number, a good time to reach them, and the reason for the call.

7.  If you are interested in tracking where your leads are coming from, make sure to ask how they heard about you, too!

Big Hint for Numbers 6 & 7…these should be recorded right within your database so that the information doesn’t have a chance to get lost in a pile of papers and the phone calls are not followed up or appointments are missed. If you don’t have a lead tracking database, you are losing money! I promise. How much? I can probably give you a good idea. Call now to 1-800-972-6952 or email me and I’ll send you a book that will describe exactly what all you have to lose, and better yet, what you have to gain!

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